6-Pack Science Solves It! Collection

(6 each of all 27 titles)

Guided Reading Levels: K-M
Grade Levels: 2-4

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This 6-pack series merges fiction and science in storylines that encourage kids to observe, investigate, predict, and experiment.  Young readers will be inspired by the stories, as the relatable characters learn about and use scientific concepts to help solve kid-sized mysteries and dilemmas.

The beginning of each book includes a Parent’s introduction, and the end of each book includes “THINK LIKE A SCIENTIST” questions and activities to enhance the science connections.

The Science Solves It!  Collection includes 6 each of all 27 of the following titles (162 books in all):

The Rainbow Mystery (Rainbows)
Bears on the Brain (Animal Tracks)
Ant Attack! (Ants)
Slow Down, Sara! (Friction)
Buried in the Backyard (Woolly Mammoths)
Bubble Trouble (Bubbles)
Picky Peggy (Nutrition)
The Creeping Tide (Tides)
The Nose Knows (Sense of Smell)
What Homework? (Plant Structure)
Monster Bug (Shadows)
A Slimy Story (Earthworms)
What’s that Sound? (Sound)
The Green Dog (Green Algae)
It Came from Outer Space (Meteors & Space Debris)
The Case of Vampire Vivian (Bats)
Ready, Set, Oops! (Skin)
A Moldy Mystery (Mold)
Whoa! UFO! (Objects in the Sky)
Bugged! (Mosquitoes)
The Great Shape-Up (Nutrition & Exercise)
The Midnight Kid (Sleep)
Snowball Run (Pulleys)
A Real Live Pet! (Living vs. Nonliving Things)
The Space Rock Mystery (Rocks & Minerals)
Javier’s Hummingbird (Solids/Liquids/Gases)
Werewolf Moon (Phases of the Moon)

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