A Doctor for the Animals

Series: Half & Half



Guided Reading Level: K, L

Grade Level: 1 – 2

by Gerard Moncomble

Illustrated by Natali Fortier

STORY: Julie's New Pet

A young girl, who loves animals, discovers a hurt bird. She is amazed to discover that it can speak and imitate what she says. With the help of her dad, she takes the bird to the vet and, eventually, the bird becomes her pet and new friend.

FACTS: Being a Doctor for the Animals

The non-fiction section of this title is filled with information on how veterinarians help take care of animals. Different types of vets are covered, including city vets, country vets and even vets that rescue wild animals!

Half & Half Level: 1 (Grade 1-3); Guided Reading Level: K (Fiction); L (Non-Fiction)

Published by Treasure Bay, Inc.

Price (before discount): $3.99