Eggs and Chicks

Series: Beginners Nonfiction



Guided Reading Level: N

Grade Level: 2 – 5

Eggs and Chicks – Which bird lays the biggest egg in the world and how do tiny chicks learn to fly? In this book, students will find the answers and learn much more about eggs and chicks.

Guided Reading Level: S

Grades: 2 – 4

Beginners Nonfiction – This spectacular nonfiction series helps meet Common Core standards and the need for more nonfiction reading!

Highly appealing to young students – particularly to reluctant and struggling readers.

This series is only available in hardcover.

***Note that the Beginners Nonfiction series is primarily designed for independent reading and the books are not in the shared-reading, We Both Read format.

Price (before discount): $4.99

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