DK Learning Decodables (all 82 titles)

All DK Learning Decodables – Set of 82 Titles

Designed for Grades K-5

Guided Reading Levels: A-L


Set includes 1 each of 82 titles

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Numerous research studies, as well as the science of reading, encourage the use of decodable readers to support reading development. Our DK Learning Decodable Collections are perfect to provide reading support for students who are just beginning to read, as well as for struggling readers.

Moon Dogs Sets 1 & 2 focus on very short sentences with short vowel sounds to help support beginning phonetic skills. Sets 3 & 4 also have very short sentences, but the text includes vowel combinations and silent “e” words. All the Moon Dog books feature multi-ethnic characters in a contemporary setting.

The other collections, Magic Belt & That Dog and Alba & Rescue, will engage your students with exciting adventures that are truly decodable! It can be difficult to find good decodable readers with more text and real stories that will capture the interest of students in grades 2 to 5. DK Learning Decodables are perfect to support older students and struggling readers with fun stories that will motivate them to read.

The stories in the books may be enhanced with one or more of the following: a word list, glossary, phonics game, comprehension questions, or suggestions to parents on using the book with their child.

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