Graphic Myths & Legends Collection (12 titles)

1 each of 12 titles

Grade Levels: 5-8



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This series brings to life some of the most enduring myths and legends from many cultures. Action-packed and richly illustrated in a new graphic-novel format, these age-old stories will engage readers in a new and impactful way. This is a perfect way to introduce students in grades 5 and up to myths and legends from around the world.

The Graphic Myths & Legends Collection includes the following 12 titles:

Amaterasu (Japanese myth)
Hercules (Greek myth)
The Hero Twins (Mayan legend)
Isis & Osiris (Egyptian myth)
Pigling (Korean tale)
Sunjata (West African legend)
Thor & Loki (Norse myth)
The Trojan Horse (Greek legend)
William Tell (Swiss legend)
Yu the Great (Chinese legend)
King Arthur (English legend)
Theseus (Greek myth)

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