My World Paperback Collection

1 each of 40 titles

Guided Reading Levels: A-H

Grade Levels: PK-2



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This nonfiction series helps students progress from reading levels A to H.

Written by literacy expert Bobbie Kalman, each title in this nonfiction series features carefully leveled text at a specific reading level. These high-interest books cover many topics in science and social studies. With five titles at each reading level from A to H, students can easily progress from level to level as their reading skills increase.

Titles feature notes for parents with extension activities and questions to ask after reading. Other features are “words to know,” TOC, and indexes. Guided reading levels are included on the back covers.

The My World Paperback Collection includes one each of the following 40 titles:

10 Titles from Levels A-B (each title is 16 pages in color):
Who am I?
I can count
At school
My toys have shapes
I have feelings
My dog likes me
I like to play
Arms and legs, fingers and toes
My funny cat

10 Titles from Levels C-D (each title is 16 pages in color):
Which season is it?
The clothes I wear
Baby animal names
I am growing and changing
Can it fly?
My senses help me
How are they the same?
Animal mothers
My healthy body
My big and small pets

10 Titles from Levels E-F (each title is 16 pages in color):
This is my family
This is my home
Night animals
What is hatching?
Water changes
What do I need?
Rodent rap
How do plants help us?
Reptile rap
Body talk

10 Titles from Levels G-H (each title is 24 pages in color):
Helpers in my community
Places in my community
My school community
My family community
Where does our food come from?
My community long ago
Where do animals live?
What is a food chain?
How do animals change?
My culture

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