6-Pack My Social & Emotional Readers (6 each of 24 titles)



Guided Reading Level: H

Grade Level: PK – 2


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6-Pack of My Social and Emotional Readers Set (144 titles)


* Designed for parent involvement in reading at home, but also perfect for use in the classroom, with small groups or the entire class


* Each set includes 24 titles with stories that support social and emotional learning, while also helping to build reading skills


* Appropriate for use with grades Pre-K to 2 – Guided Reading Level: H


* 100% Common Core Alignedd


6-Pack Set of 24 titles (144 titles total) cover 4 themes:


List of Titles in Set:

I Have Feelings (6 Titles)
* Are You Scared, Jacob?
* The Day I Felt Sad
* I Was So Mad
* Jealous of Josie
* My Happy Day
* Don’t Worry, Mason
I Get Along with Others (6 Titles)
* Thanks for Sharing, Tommy
* I Can Be Kind
* I Show Respect
* That’s Not Fair!
* Charlie Is Responsible
* Be Honest, Jess
I Am in Control of Myself (6 Titles)
* Are You Listening, Jack?
* I Can Follow the Rules
* I Can Stay Calm
* Be Patient, Maddie
* I Take Turns
* Clean Up, Everybody
I Believe in Myself (6 Titles)
* I Can Make a Plan
* I Am a Star
* Don’t Give Up
* Let’s Get It Started
* Dylan’s Questions
* I Will Find My Way


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