Reptiles and Amphibians

Series: Half & Half


Fiction & Nonfiction

Guided Reading Level: O, P

Grade Level: 3 – 5

by Alain Surget and Julien Hirsinger

Illustrated by Francois Avril and Marc Botta

STORY: The Call of the Sea

A hawksbill sea turtle hatches from an egg and scrambles out of its nest on the beach. Instinct tells it to rush to the ocean. However, in its path are large birds and crabs intent on eating baby sea turtles. This mad dash for the sea is a fictional glimpse into the harsh struggle for survival that is faced by the very young of many species.

FACTS: Yikes! Frogs! Crocodiles, Snakes and More!

After the story, you will find amazing facts about reptiles and amphibians of all kinds. Learn how a basilisk lizard walks on water, how a royal python sheds its skin, how crocodiles work together to get a tasty meal . . . and so much more! This book is just jam-packed with cool info on cold-blooded animals!

Price (before discount): $3.99