Richard Scarry Take-Home Collection (12 titles)

1 each of 12 titles

For emergent readers

Grade Levels: PK-K


Paperback, some hardcover

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Richard Scarry is one of the best-known and most beloved authors and illustrators of books for young children. His books are perfect for teachers and parents to share with pre-readers. Through the books, vocabulary and concepts are introduced that every kindergarten child should know. His charming, humorous illustrations invite readers to take their time to explore all the detail, which provides children with a wonderful experience of sharing a book together.

This collection of smaller-format books that are perfect to take home for sharing between parents and children. (Note that many of the take-home books include a sheet of stickers, which can be easily removed by teachers or librarians.)

The Richard Scarry Take-Home  Collection includes one each of the following 12 titles (each title is 24 to 80 pages in color).

Best Little Word Book Ever
The Best Mistake Ever! 
Watch Your Step, Mr. Rabbit!
Bedtime Stories
A Day At The Airport
Busiest Firefighters Ever
The Worst Helpers Ever
A Day At The Police Station
Best Bunny Book Ever!
Nicky Goes To The Doctor
Pig Will And Pig Won’t
Please And Thank You Book

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