Workshop-Reading Together & We Both Read (CD)

Series: Parent Workshops




by Bruce Johnson


Workshop includes 2 sections, which can be used as 2 mini-workshops or one longer workshop.


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This workshop will motivate parents to get more involved in reading with their children and teach them skills they can use to maximize the benefits of reading together. It includes two sections, approximately 45-60 minutes each.


The first section of the workshop (which can be used as a standalone mini-workshop) covers the best practices in reading together. Parents will learn why reading together is important, three styles of reading together (choral reading, echo reading, and shared reading), skills to use when reading to their child, and skills to use when their child is reading to them.


The second section of the workshop (which is also included as a standalone mini-workshop) covers books specifically designed for reading together, focusing primarily on use of the We Both Read series. This section includes information on how to maximize the benefits of using We Both Read and offers participants an opportunity to practice using the books.


Purchase of this CD-ROM includes a school-wide site license to modify and present the workshops.


Price (before discount): $49.95