Social and Environmental Action Collections

These two innovative collections provide thought-provoking information about social and environmental issues, along with age-appropriate ways to get involved and make a difference. These books are perfect to help foster classroom discussions, as well as for students to bring home to read and discuss with their parents.

Our Grades 2 to 4 collection has a particular focus on environmental issues and shows students how they can take part in “going green” at home and at school. Some titles also cover social topics that affect the wider community and world, and offer examples of ways to help, such as service projects or creating a fund raiser for causes students believe are important.

The Grades 4 to 8 collection provides a more in-depth look at some social and environmental issues, including climate change, sustainable energy, animal protection, and humans’ impact on Earth’s environments. The books all approach these topics in formats that are engaging to students, including some titles in graphic novel and “You Choose” formats. All the books will get students thinking about the issues and how they can take action and be the change they would like to see in the world.

Be the Change!
15 Titles for Grades 2 to 4

I Can Make a Difference!

Don‘t Waste Your Food

Garbage or Recycling?

Save and Repair

Turn Off the Tap!

Going Green at School

Green Gardening and Composting

Living Green at Home

What Does it Mean to Go Green?

Be the Change for the Environment

Be the Change in the World

Be the Change in your Community

Be the Change in your School

Be an Active Citizen at Your School

Be an Active Citizen in Your Community

Be the Change!
15 Titles for Grades 4 to 8

Kids Can Help Animals

Kids Can Help Fight Poverty

Kids Can Help Kids

Kids Can Help the Environment

Human Environmental Impact: How We Affect Earth

Humans and Other Life on Earth: Sharing the Planet

Let’s Think About Sustainable Energy

Max Axiom Super Scientist Adventures:

Animal Extinction Emergency

Ocean Plastics Problem

Polar Ice Meltdown

Rain Forest Destruction

Interactive Eco Adventures:

Can You Protect the Coral Reefs?

Can You Save a Tropical Rain Forest?

Can You Stop a Volcanic Disaster?

Let’s Think About Animal Rights


Be the Change! – Both Collections (for Gr. 2 to 8) (1 each of 30 titles) $279.00 (Set# BC-KV-30)
6-Pack of Be the Change! – Both Collections (6 each of 30 titles) $1,674.00 (Set# BC-KV-180)
Be the Change! – for Gr. 2 to 4 (GRL K to M) (1 each of 15 titles) $139.50 (Set# BC-KM-15)
Be the Change! – for Gr. 4 to 8 (GRL P to V) (1 each of 15 titles) $139.50 (Set# BC-PV-15)

Not available by individual title. If a title in a set is out of stock, we will substitute a title with a similar reading level.

Book Specifications: Paperback; Full-color; 24 to 112 pages; Size: 5.25” x 7.5” to 8.5” x 9.5”