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Terms and Conditions

Individuals and Companies: You may purchase with a credit card on this site. Schools, Libraries, NPOs, and Government Agencies: You may pay by credit card or choose be invoiced for your order. If you select to be invoiced, your order will only be shipped upon our verification of your status as a public agency. Bookstores and Distributors: Please call us at 916-771-0661 Shipping: You can expect your order in one to three weeks. We only ship to addresses in the United States. Shipping cost is 12% of order amount. If you have a Promo Code for free shipping you can enter that code during check out. Substitutions: If a title is out-of-stock in paperback, we may substitute hardcover copies of the same title at the same cost as the paperback. If a title in a book collection is not available, we may replace it with another title from the same series with the same or a similar reading level. Sales Tax: Sales tax will be added to all orders in California. Returns: Returns accepted up to 365 days after purchase. If you need to return books, please send us an email indicating the reason for the return and your order number at We will reply with instructions for the return.