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In order for you to better evaluate our books and materials, we would like to offer you some complimentary samples — both electronic samples as well as physical books.

Below you will find links that will allow you to view and print either a complete book or some sample pages. These free PDF electronic samples are almost identical in content and appearance to the physical books. If you would like, you may send a link to these free samples ( to teachers and parents in your district.

If you need any physical book samples in order to make a purchase decision for a school or school district, simply e-mail your request to Customer Service. We are happy to accommodate reasonable requests from educational institutions in the U.S. for sample books of most of the series we offer.

Please note that the file size is noted next to each PDF sample below. Smaller files, such as Sample Pages, will open faster.

Please note that visitors to this website may download PDF samples to only one computer, one iPad, or one other device and may print only one copy of each book.

To jump to samples of a particular series, please use the following list:

Sort this list of series by:
Can You Find
Level PK-K (Guided Reading: AA)
My Day
Level PK-K (Guided Reading: A)
Too Many Cats
Level PK-K (Guided Reading: A)
About Dogs
Nonfiction Level K-1 (Guided Reading: C)
We All Sleep
Nonfiction Level K-1 (Guided Reading: C)
The Well-Mannered Monster
Level 1 (Guided Reading: E)
Amazing Eggs
Nonfiction Level 1 (Guided Reading: F)
Habitats of the World
Nonfiction Level 1 (Guided Reading: F)
The Ocean
Nonfiction Level 1-2 (Guided Reading: G)
My Sitter is a T-Rex
Level 1-2 (Guided Reading: H)
Endangered Animals
Nonfiction Level 2 (Guided Reading: J)
The Boy Who Carried The Flag
Historical Fiction Level 3 (Guided Reading: O)
About Dogs / Acerca del los perros
Nonfiction Level K-1 (Guided Reading: C)
Amazing Eggs / Huevos asombrosos
Nonfiction Level 1 (Guided Reading: F)
Baseball Fever / La fiebre del béisbol
Nonfiction Level 1-2 (Guided Reading: G)
About Pets / Las mascotas
Nonfiction Level 1 (Guided Reading: E)
Big Cats
Nonfiction Level 1 (Guided Reading: A)
Where is My Frog?
Level 2 (Guided Reading: B)
Ant in Her Pants
Level 3 (Guided Reading: C)
Robot Man
Level 4 (Guided Reading: D)
Talent Night
Level 5 (Guided Reading: E)
The Garden Crew
Nonfiction/Fiction Level 6 (Guided Reading: F)
Who Took the Cookbook?
Level 7 (Guided Reading: G)
Best Behavior

7 Narrative Nonfiction Titles For Gr. PK-1 (GRL H)

Worries Are Not Forever
Voices Are Not for Yelling
Hands Are Not for Hitting
My Social & Emotional Readers

Gr. PK to 1: 36 Fiction Titles (GRL H)

I Take Turns
Jealous of Josie

Gr. 1 to 3: 24 Fiction & Nonfiction Titles (GRL J)

I Can Handle New Things
I Give to My Community
That's A Good Plan
We Support Each Other
Learning to Get Along

12 Narrative Nonfiction Titles For Gr. K-2 (GRL H)

Listen and Learn
Be Polite and Kind
Talk and Work It Out
Cool Down and Work Through Anger
2nd to 4th Grade SEL Collection

12 Fiction & Nonfiction Titles • For Gr. 2 to 4 (GRL L-N)

Feeling Angry
Feeling Worried
Say Hi When Your Shy
Laugh & Learn

10 Nonfiction Titles • For Gr. 3-7 (GRL Q-T)

Bullying Is a Pain in the Brain
How to Do Homework Without Throwing Up
Cliques Phonies & Other Baloney
How to Take the Grrrr Out of Anger
Bilingual SEL Set (English/Spanish)

12 Narrative Nonfiction Titles • For Gr. PK-2 (GRL H)

Talk and Work It Out (Hablar y resolver)
Share and Take Turns (Comparte y turna)
Respect and Take Care of Things (Respetar y cuidar las cosas)
Voices Are Not for Yelling (La voz no es para gritar)
Germs Are Not for Sharing (Los germenes no son para compartir)
Be Polite and Kind (Ser respetuoso y amable)

180 Days of Social and Emotional Learning Workbooks

Grade 1
Grade 3
Grade 5

180 Days of Reading Workbooks

Grade 1
Grade 3
Grade 5

Summer Blast Workbooks

Grade 1
Grade 3
Grade 5

Things to Spot

Things to Spot in the Sea
Bugs to Spot

PK-K Lift-the-Flap

What Makes Rain?

K-2 Lift-the-Flap

Things That Go

By Mo Willems

A Big Guy Took My Ball
(Guided Reading: F)
Are You Ready to Play Outside?
(Guided Reading: F)
Pigs Make Me Sneeze
(Guided Reading: F)
We Are In A Book
(Guided Reading: F)

102 Decodable Readers in 9 Sets that Support a
Sequential Progression of Phonics Skills

Sam and Jen Get a Pet
Tristan Makes a Track
Luke Rides a Mule
Snowy the White Cow


Follow Me
NGK Reader (Level 1)
NGK Reader (Level 1)
Amazing Animal Journeys
NGK Reader (Level 3)

Explore My World



Animal SuperStars
NGK Chapters
Terrior Trouble
NGK Chapters

Weird But True

Weird But True! 2
Weird But True! 3
Born to Be a Butterfly
Nonfiction (Guided Reading: G)
What Is The President's Job?
Free at Last: The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Nonfiction (Guided Reading: Q)
Tale of a Tadpole
Bathtime for Biscuit
(Guided Reading: F)
Splat the Cat: Good Night, Sleep Tight
(Guided Reading: I)
Amelia Bedelia
(Guided Reading: L)
The Storm
GRL Level AA (Rebus Book)
What Does a Puppy Like
GRL Level B
The Best Bug Parade
Level: 1
Give Me Half!
Level: 2
Lemonade for Sale
Level: 3

High-interest chapter books for sports lovers in Gr. 2 to 6

Boy Sports Stories

Free Throw<
Soccer Shoot Out

Girl Sports Stories

Jump Serve
Pool Panic

Tadpole Titles

Who Helps Us Learn?
Who Helps Animals?

Bullfrog Titles

Police Officers

Pogo Titles

Roller Coasters

Easy-to-read chapter books for Gr. K to 3

GRL H to J for Gr. K-2

Katie Woo Has the Flu
Katie Woo – Cartwheel Katie
Super Scout

GRL J to M for Gr. 1-3

Yasmin The Explorer
Sadiq and the Desert Star
Pedro for President

Biographies for Grades 3 to 6

What Was Ellis Island?
GRL S (for Grades 4-6)
Who Is Malala Yousafzai?
GRL P (for Grades 3-5)
Who Was Jackie Robinson?
Who Was Walt Disney

Be the Change! – for Gr. 2 to 4 (GRL K to M)

Be the Changein the World
Going Green at School
I Can Make a Difference

Be the Change! – for Gr. 4 to 8 (GRL P to V)

Kids Can Help Animals
Can You Save a Tropical Rain Forest?
Max Axiom Super Scientist Adventures: Ocean Plastics Problem


Secret of the Ninja
From Classic Set for Grades 3-5
The Abominable Snowman
From Classics Set for Grades 3-5


Your Very Own Robot Goes Cuckoo-Bananas
From Dragonlarks Set for Grades 2-3
Lost Dog!
From Dragonlarks Set for Grades 2-3

Nonfiction for Gr. 3 to 8

Spies of the Civil War
Ellis Island
Colonial America

Designed for Grades 4 to 8 —
with Text at a 3rd Grade Reading Level

Top 10 Animal:
Top 10 Animal Moms
Stranger Than Fiction:
Odd Inventions

Grab the Interest of Even Your Most Reluctant Readers

My First Graphic Novels - Gr. K-2 (Guided Reading: G to K)

Airplane Adventure
Quick Quarterback
Shark at the Library

Graphic Novel - Gr. 2-4 (Guided Reading: M to R)

Comic Squad
Pizza and Taco
Babymouse - Queen of the World

Graphic Novel - Gr. 4-6 (Guided Reading: Q to T)

Dog Man
The Baby-sitters Club - Kristy's Great Idea
Soccer Switch

Nonfiction - Graphic Science - Gr. 4-8 (Guided Reading: R to V)


Nonfiction - Graphic U.S. History - Gr. 4-8 (Guided Reading: R to T)

The Sinking of the Titanic
Rosa Parks

Jump-Start Interest in STEAM!

Creating Art Together
How Engineers Solve Problems
Technology Then and Now
From Seed to Pumpkin
Building Tens with My Friends

Nonfiction Early Rising Readers Boxed Sets
GRL AA, A, & B for Gr. PK-K

What Does a Puppy Like
GRL Level B
For Grades PK-K

MySELF Social & Emotional Learning Boxed Sets
GRL H for Gr. PK-1

I Take Turns
For Grades PK-1
Swimming with the Dolphins
Fiction/Nonfiction Level 1 (Guided Reading: K/L)
Voyage into Space
Fiction/Nonfiction Level 2 (Guided Reading: M/N)
Reptiles and Amphibians
Fiction/Nonfiction Level 3 (Guided Reading: N/P)
Swimming with the Dolphins
Fiction/Nonfiction Level 1 (Guided Reading: K/L)

Nonfiction for Gr. 3 to 8

Helping Your Child Get Ready to Read
Reading Together and We Both Read
Starting Off Right with Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

Stream or share a presentation on
We Both Read & Reading Together

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Reading Together with Your Child