Grab the Interest of Even Your Most Reluctant Readers!

Graphic novels and graphic nonfiction can serve as exciting gateways to reading for struggling and reluctant readers. The rich and often humor­ous visuals will engross readers in the story and help them to develop the stamina to read for longer periods of time. The graphic format in these books also offers contextual clues that boost vocabulary skills and increase comprehension. Struggling and reluctant readers in particular find nonfiction subjects much easier to read and comprehend with the support of the illustrated format in these books. Whether fiction or nonfiction, the result is an enjoyable and successful reading experience and enhanced reading skills.

We have three curated sets of graphic novels: a fiction set for Gr. K–2; a fiction set for Gr. 2–4; and a fiction set for Gr. 4–6. We also have two sets of nonfiction titles in a graphic novel format: a nonfiction US history set for Gr. 4–8 and a nonfiction science set for Gr. 4–8. Titles include some of the most popular graphic novels and graphic nonfiction for children, and are ideal for classroom libraries and family engagement in reading.

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All Five Graphic Novel & Nonfiction Collections (for Gr. K–8) (1 each of all 114 titles): $980.50 (Set #: GN-114)
Collections by Reading Level:
My First Graphic Novels – Levels G to K (for Gr. K–2) (1 each of 20 titles): $125.00 (Set #: GN-GK-20)
Graphic Novels – Levels M to R (for Gr. 2–4) (1 each of 23 titles): $194.45 (Set #: GN-MR-23)
Graphic Novels – Levels Q to T (for Gr. 4–6) (1 each of 23 titles): $267.45 (Set #: GN-QT-23)
Graphic Science – Levels R to V (for Gr. 4–8) (1 each of 24 titles): $199.20 (Set #: GNS-RV-24)
Graphic US History – Levels R to T (for Gr. 4–8) (1 each of 24 titles): $194.40 (Set #: GNH-RT-24)

Not available by individual title. If a title in a set is out of stock, we will substitute a title with a similar reading level.

Book Specifications:

Dog Man and Pizza and Taco titles in hardcover; all other titles in paperback. Trim size varies. Page count varies from 32 to 240 pages. Most books are full color, but not all.

Fiction for Grades K to 2

20 My First Graphic Novels for Grades K to 2

The Missing Monster Card
Bella’s Boat Surprise
The Cat that Disappeared
Shark in the Library!
The End Zone
Clues in the Attic
The Forest Surprise

First Base Blues
Morning Mystery
The Quick Quarterback
Airplane Adventure
Big City Sights
Dump Truck Day
The Kickball Kids

Goalkeeper Goof
T-Ball Trouble
The Scary Slopes
Lily’s Lucky Leotard
Too Short for the Court
The Lost Lunch

Fiction for Grades 2 to 4

23 Graphic Novels for Grades 2 to 4

Babymouse (5 titles)
Lunch Lady (4 titles)
Squish (4 titles)
Narwhal and Jelly (4 titles)
Comic Squad (3 titles)
Pizza and Taco (3 titles)

Fiction for Grades 4 to 6

23 Graphic Novels for Grades 4 to 6

Dog Man (5 titles)
Raina Telgemeier 4-Title Collection
    (Drama, Smile, Sisters, Ghosts)
Baby-Sitters Club (4 titles)
Jake Maddox Graphic Sports (5 titles)
I Survived (2 titles)
Invisible, Four Eyes, & Freestyle (3 titles)

Graphic Science – Nonfiction

24 Graphic Science Titles for Grades 4 to 8
Proven to make science more engaging and accessible

Animal Extinction
Adventures in Sound
The Shocking World of
The Illuminating World of
The Attractive Story of
The Earth-Shaking Facts
    about Earthquakes
The Explosive World of
A Journey Through the
    Digestive System
A Refreshing Look at
    Renewable Energy
The Dynamic World of
    Chemical Reactions
Polar Ice Meltdown

The Remarkable World of
The Whirlwind World of
A Journey into Adaptation
The World of Food Chains
The Dynamic World of
Defending the Earth from
    Space Objects
Rain Forest Destruction
Ocean Plastics Problem
Climate Change on the
Global Water Crisis
Superbugs and Pandemics
Exploring the Solar System
    and Beyond

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Graphic US History – Nonfiction

24 Graphic US History Titles for Grades 4 to 8
Featuring inspiring people & important events in US history

Harriet Tubman and the
    Underground Railroad
Attack on Pearl Harbor
The Battle of the Alamo
Bessie Coleman: Daring Stunt
The Boston Massacre
The Building of the
    Transcontinental Railroad
Cesar Chavez: Fighting for
The Creation of the U.S.
Eli Whitney and the Cotton
The First Moon Landing
George Washington Carver:
    Ingenious Inventor
The Great Chicago Fire of

Hedy Lamarr and a Secret
    Communication System
Helen Keller: Courageous
Jackie Robinson: Baseball’s
    Great Pioneer
John Sutter and the
    California Gold Rush
The Lewis and Clark
The Mystery of the Roanoke
Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion
Nathan Hale: Revolutionary
Paul Revere’s Ride
Rosa Parks and the
    Montgomery Bus Boycott
The Sinking of the Titanic
The Story of Jamestown

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