Graphic Novel Collection (Grades 4-6) (23 titles)

1 each of 23 titles

For struggling or reluctant readers

Grade Levels: 4-6 / Levels Q – T



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Graphic novels can serve as an exciting gateway to reading for struggling and reluctant readers. The rich and often humorous visuals will engross readers in the story and help them to develop the confidence and stamina to read for longer periods of time.  The graphic format of the books also helps to increase comprehension of the text, and the visuals offer contextual clues that boost vocabulary skills. The result is an enjoyable and successful reading experience and enhanced reading skills.  

The books in this collection are among the most popular graphic novels for children and are appropriate for school classroom libraries and family engagement in reading.

The Graphic Novel Collection for Grades 4-6 includes 23 titles from the following book series:

Dog Man (5 titles)
Raina Telgemeier (4 titles: Drama, Smile, Sisters, Ghosts)
Baby-Sitters Club (4 titles)

Jake Maddox Graphic Sports (5 titles)
CatStonauts (3 titles)

Awkward Series (2 titles)

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