Fiction and Nonfiction Text on the Same Topic in Each Book!

Meet Common Core requirements for pairing two texts on the same topic with this innovative series! Research shows that reading a fictional story will ignite a reader’s curiosity and interest in nonfiction information on the same subject. The first half of each book is a fictional story. Then, the second half presents nonfiction information on the same subject as the story.

Get Parents Involved!

To provide assistance in reading and discussion of the subject matter, an introduction in each book encourages parent involvement, particularly for the nonfiction section. In addition, most titles include subject-related activities for parents and children to do together.

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Each book includes a fictional story and nonfiction text!

Half and Half Series Prices (before discount):

Paperback (each): $4.99
Paperback Set (9 titles): $44.91 (Set #: HH-PB-9)

6-Pack Paperback Set (6 each of 9 titles)
$269.46 (Set #: HH-PB-54)

Hardcover (each): $6.95
Hardcover Set (9 titles): $62.55 (Set #: HH-HC-9)

“The Half and Half series encourages beginning readers and students to make connections between interesting stories and fascinating researched nonfiction information. An excellent addition to school and public library collections.”

Midwest Book Review

“Each part of the Half and Half books is engaging in its own way and does a good job of complementing the other part.”