Each National Geographic Kids book pairs magnificent photographs with engaging text that has been developed in consultation with early education experts. Our exclusive curated collections feature the very best books and series from National Geographic. Each of the collections is tailored for different grades and reading levels.

The National Geographic Kids Readers collections offers the widest range of reading levels. Our four leveled collections of this series offer books from Guided Reading Level E to P. For more advanced readers, we recommend the National Geographic Kids Chapter Books, as well as the collection of Weird But True titles.

This season we are introducing the Explore My World collection, which includes books on animals and topics that are of high interest to younger students. The text and format of these books make them ideal for parents to read together with children from Pre-K to Grade 2 (with a parent taking the lead in reading with a younger child).

All of the books in our National Geographic Kids collections are perfect for use in the classroom or as take-home books for family engagement in reading. Many of the books include after-reading activities, and some titles are specifically designed for paired reading between a parent and child, featuring alternating pages of text at two different reading levels.

Stickered with Guided Reading Level!

Each book in these collections comes stickered on the back cover with the Guided Reading Level, making it easy to choose appropriate books for each student’s reading skill.

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Prices (before discounts):

Combined Collection:
National Geographic Kids – Paperback Collection (1 each of all 96 titles): $527.04 (Set #: NGR-96)
6-Pack National Geographic Kids Paperback Collection (6 each of all 96 titles): $3,162.24 (Set #: NGR-576)
Collections by Series and Reading Levels:
Nat. Geographic Kids – Readers – Levels E, F, & G (for Gr. PK to 1) (1 each of 12 titles): $59.88 (Set #: NGR-EG-12)
Nat. Geographic Kids – Readers – Levels I & J (for Gr. K to 2) (1 each of 12 titles): $59.88 (Set #: NGR-IJ-12)
Nat. Geographic Kids – Readers – Levels K, L & M (for Gr. 1 to 4) (1 each of 20 titles): $99.80 (Set #: NGR-KM-20)
Nat. Geographic Kids – Readers – Levels N, O & P (for Gr. 2 to 5) (1 each of 16 titles): $79.84 (Set #: NGR-NP-16)
Nat. Geo. Kids– Explore My World–Levels I to M (for Gr. PK-2) (1 each of 12 titles): $59.88 (Set #: NGR-EE-12)
Nat. Geographic Kids – Chapters – Levels O to R (for Gr. 3 to 6) (1 each of 16 titles): $95.84 (Set #: NGR-S-16)
Nat. Geographic Kids – Weird But True – Levels Q to R (for Gr. 4 to 6) (1 each of 8 titles): $71.92 (Set #: NGR-WT-8)

Not available by individual title. If a title is out-of-stock, we will substitute a title with a similar reading level from the same series.

Book Specifications:   Explore My World: 32 pages, Full-color, 8” x 8”, Smyth-sewn Paperback

Readers: 24 to 48 pages, full-color, 6” x 9”, Perfect-bound Paperback
Chapters: 112 pages, full-color, 5” x 7.5”, Perfect-bound Paperback
Weird But True: 208 to 216 pages, full-color, 6.5” x 6.5”, Smyth-sewn Paperback