National Geographic Kids Explore My World – Levels I-M (12 titles) – Paperback



Guided Reading Levels: I-M

Grade Levels: PK-2

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A Set of National Geographic Kids Explore My World – Levels I-M in Paperback. One each of 12 titles.

Each National Geographic Kids Explore My World reader pairs magnificent photographs with engaging text that has been developed in consultation with early education experts. Our exclusive curated collection features the very best books and series from National Geographic. The series is perfect for use in the classroom or as take-home books for family engagement in reading.

The National Geographic Kids Explore My World Collection includes books on animals and topics that are of high interest to younger children. The text and format of these books make them ideal for parents to read together with children from Pre-K to Grade 2 (with the parent taking the lead in reading with a younger child.)

Stickered with Guided Reading Level!

Each book comes stickered on the back with the Guided Reading Level, making it easy to select appropriate books for each student’s reading skill.

Titles in NGR-EE-12 Set:

Snow Leopards
Baby Animals
Honey Bees
Coral Reefs

Price (before discount): $71.88