Jump-Start Interest in STEAM!

This innovative nonfiction series provides a fun and engaging introduction to STEAM subjects. The text is expertly leveled for guided reading levels E to H and is combined with bold designs and images to grab the interest of young readers. Sections for educators and parents include short discussion guides, as well as follow-up activities. This series is perfect for use in the classroom or for parent involvement at home.


Full STEAM Ahead Collection (Levels E-H for Gr. K-2) (1 each of 25 titles): $198.75 (Set #: FST-25)

Not available by individual title. If a title is out of stock, we will substitute another title from the same series.

Book Specifications: 24 pages in Full color; Smyth-sewn Paperback; 8” x 8”

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25 Nonfiction Titles in the Five Strands of STEAM:

Science Starters:

 Day and Night
 From Seed to Pumpkin
 The Life Cycle of a Rabbit
 The Right Material for the Job
 What Makes It Move?

Technology Time:

 Parts Work Together
 Robots at Work
 Technology and You!
 Technology Then and Now
 What Is Technology?

Engineering Everywhere:

 Engineering in My Community
 How Engineers Solve Problems
 Mistakes Help Us Learn
 What Does an Engineer Do?
 What Is the Best Solution?

Arts in Action:

 Artists Use Tools
 Creating Art Together
 Creating Colors
 How Do Artists Tell Stories?
 Making Art from Anything

Math Matters:

 Building Tens with My Friends
 Building with Shapes
 I See 3-D
 Place Value at Playtime
 Skip Counting My Way to School

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