The #1 Series
for Family Engagement in Reading

  • Particularly effective with reluctant and struggling readers
  • Significantly improves reading scores
  • Dramatically increases family engagement in reading
  • Used by over 10,000 schools and over 4,000 Title I programs
  • Titles in fiction and nonfiction for grades Pre-K through 4
  • Bilingual editions also available for English/Spanish, as well as other languages

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The We Both Read books are so highly effective because they engage both children and parents in reading—and make it easy for them to be successful. The concept of the series is simple: each book is specially formatted for a parent and child to take turns reading aloud alternate pages. The parent’s pages feature higher-level text (at about a 5th-grade reading level), while the child’s pages feature text that matches the child’s reading level.

This shared experience reduces the frustrations of beginning and struggling readers—and makes reading fun! Children get to practice reading at their skill level and they also have the opportunity to relax and listen as the fluent reading of more complex text is modeled for them. The result is increased comprehension, fluency, and support for their decoding skills, along with increased enthusiasm for reading.

Most schools provide sets of the books for classroom libraries, with teachers sending appropriate levels of books home on a lending basis. However, some schools provide these books to students and parents to help supplement or begin a home library. Plus, We Both Read has proven to be just as effective when used in the classroom for RTI programs, as well as for tutored-reading and buddy-reading programs.

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Paperback (each): $5.99 (Titles for this series can also be ordered individually.)

Book Specifications:

Trim size: 6.75” x 9” • 44 pages in full color • PB Binding: Smyth Sewn

Almost Triple the Increase in DIBELS Fluency Scores Confirmed by Independent Research

A large research study on We Both Read has confirmed the success of these books in improving fluency and reading
scores. Versus other books for at-home reading, the use of We Both Read resulted in significantly greater improvement in fluency—scoring almost three times the average increase on the DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency test.

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Research Results: Using We Both Read

“We Both Read books have been a great resource for my students with learning disabilities. . . . The students and I are surprised how well and how much they read when using your delightful books.”

Marilyn Whiteaker, Kellybook Elementary, Kansas City, MO

Winner of Numerous Awards!

Highly Effective Format

Developed with reading education specialists, the We Both Read format has proven particularly effective with reluctant and struggling readers in igniting reading interest and accelerating reading development.

The series includes books appropriate for emergent and beginning readers, as well as books for more advanced readers, who may still be struggling to read fluently. With its paired-reading format and the parent’s pages with text at about a 5th grade level, the We Both Read books provide content that generates significantly higher interest, making the books one of the best series for “high-interest low-level” reading.

For most titles in this series, the child reads every other page in the book. The pages read by the child contain text written at a specific Guided Reading Level, ranging from A through O. However, the series also includes titles appropriate for pre-readers, including Pre-K students. These titles may be read completely by the parent, but still involve significant pre-reading activities and interaction between the parent and child. For example, the pre-reading book, Can You Find?, supports learning the letters of the alphabet and the phonemic sounds those letters make. There are pages for each letter with accompanying illustrations that parent and child can search to find things that begin with the sounds of the letters.

“Your books have helped many of our children to LOVE reading! Our parents are thrilled with the progress they see in their children’s reading, especially their comprehension and interest. Please keep the new books coming!!”

Marguerite DeSanctis, Episcopal Academy, Devon, PA

Award-Winning Writers and Illustrators

Featuring both fiction and non-fiction titles, We Both Read is one of the most popular series of leveled readers used in schools with over six million copies now in print. The popularity of the series is assisted by its high quality of writing, illustration and photography. Writers include Dev Ross, best known for writing many of The Land Before Time movies, and Sindy McKay, Emmy award-winning writer for The Muppet Babies and the PBS series, Clifford, The Big Red Dog.

“I purchased We Both Read books for my Title I Reading Program to send home as summer reads. I have never seen parents and kids so excited about books before!!”

Susan Breitigan, Title I Reading Teacher, Arcadia Local Schools

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Parent Presentations

Download or stream three parent presentations on We Both Read, reading together, and phonics. These are perfect for family literacy nights or as an online resource for parents. Click here to view information on the presentations.

Tip Sheet for Teachers and Parents

With purchase of any set of We Both Read paperbacks or hardcovers (see page 7), you’ll receive a tip sheet for parents and teachers on Getting Started with We Both Read. To view and download the tip sheet, click here.

Reading Comprehension Quizzes for the We Both Read Series

Download comprehension quizzes for all the We Both Read titles from Level 1 through 3. Answer keys for teachers are included. Click here to view and download the quizzes.

Read-Along E-Books

Many We Both Read books are now available in Read-Along E-Book editions to help support beginning and struggling readers. These Read-Along e-books have the option to play an audio recording of the book, and students can easily follow along in the e-book since words are highlighted in sync with the audio. Click here for more information.

Parent and Family Engagement in Reading: Doing It Early, Effectively, and Easily

This 30-minute presentation was given by the President of Treasure Bay at a National Title I Conference. Please consider sharing this video with parents and educators at your school. Here is a link to this video:

Shop Now for Collections of the We Both Read Series

Shop Now for Individual Titles of the We Both Read Series

View Sample Books and Pages for the We Both Read Series