Our Spanish/English Bilingual Editions feature the same “paired reading” format as the English Editions, but the text is in both English and Spanish on each page. This makes these books perfect for students to read at home with parents who read Spanish but little or no English.

Plus, with text in both languages, children as well as their parents have the opportunity to increase their English vocabulary and practice their skills in reading English. The books are also popular for use in school, particularly for Spanish and Bilingual programs.

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Prices (before discount):

Paperback: $5.99 each

Complete Set of Bilingual Paperbacks (1 each of 31 titles): $185.69 (Set #: BL-31)
6-Pack Set of Bilingual Paperbacks (6 each of 31 titles): $1,114.14 (Set #: BL-186)
30 Bilingual Tip Sheets for Parents (30 copies of the tip sheet): $5.99 (Set #: BL-TIP-30)

Titles for this series may also be ordered individually. Bilingual Editions are only available in paperback.

Book Specifications: Paperback trim size: 6.75” x 9”, 44 pages in full color.

Bilingual Tip Sheets for Parents

With purchase of any set of bilingual books, you’ll receive an English/Spanish tip sheet for parents on Getting Started with We Both Read (Empezar a leer con We Both Read). Tip sheets can also be downloaded free at TreasureBayBooks.com/handouts-for-parents or purchased in sets of 30.