Decodable Books for Older Students

Many struggling readers in grades 2 to 6 would benefit from the use of decodable readers. However, most decodable books are designed with very little text, often with simplistic stories that do not appeal to older students. The DK Learning Decodable Adventure series are different: these are easy to read decodable books with more text and exciting stories, specifically designed to capture the interest of older elementary students!

We have three collections at different levels of reading skill, all of which offer exciting adventure stories that are truly decodable. Each series in these collections features young multi-ethnic characters and a storyline with a plot that builds throughout the color-coded and numbered books in the series. These books are perfect to provide reading support for struggling readers with decodable text and actionfilled stories that will motivate your students to read.

The stories in the books may be enhanced with one or more of the following: a word list, glossary, phonics game, comprehension questions, or suggestions to parents on using the book with their child.

Levels H-J for Gr. 2-4
Two Series – Magic Belt & That Dog! – 24 Total Titles
Levels J-L for Gr. 2-5
Two Series – Alba & Rescue – 22 Total Titles
Levels L-N for Gr. 3-6
One Series – Hidden in Paris – 10 Titles


All DK Decodable Adventures – Levels H-N for Gr. 2-6 (1 each of 56 titles) $375.00 Set #: DKD-HN-56
6-Pack of DK Decodable Adventures – Levels H-N for Gr. 2-6 (6 each of 56 titles) $2,250.00 Set #: DKD-HN-336
Series by Level:
Magic Belt & That Dog! – Levels H-J for Gr. 2-4 (1 each of 24 titles) $158.00 Set #: DKD-HJ-24
Alba & Rescue – Levels J-L for Gr. 2-5 (1 each of 22 titles) $148.00 Set #: DKD-JL-22
Hidden in Paris – Levels L-N for Gr. 3-6 (1 each of 10 titles) $69.00 Set #: DKD-LN-10

Book Specifications:

Paperback; saddle-stitched (stapled); full-color; Size: 5.75” x 8.25”

Magic Belt & That Dog!: 16 pages; Alba & Rescue: 16 or 20 pages; Hidden in Paris: 24 pages