24 Fiction Titles • For Gr. PK-1 (GRL H)

This series is designed for parent involvement at home, but is also perfect for use in the classroom with small groups or the entire class. Each book will help to support social and emotional learning while also helping to build reading skills. Parents can take the lead in reading these books with younger students.

Each book starts and ends with tips and activities to support the skills that are specific to that title. The series includes 6 titles each in 4 themes: I Have Feelings, I Get Along with Others, I am in Control of Myself, and I Believe in Myself.

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Prices (before discounts):

My Social & Emotional Readers – for Gr. PK-2 (GRL H) (1 each of 24 titles): $119.00 (Set #: SEL-24)

Not available by individual title. If a title is out of stock, we will substitute a title with a similar reading level.

Book Specifications: 16 pages in full color; saddle-stitched (stapled); PB 6.5” x 7.5”

Inside Front Covers:

Teacher/parent tips to help
discuss and support social
and emotional
skills that
are specific to each title

Inside Back Covers:

Students relate the story
to their own experiences
with Real-World Wrap-Up

The 24 titles cover 4 themes:

I Have Feelings (6 titles), I Get Along with Others (6 titles), I Am in Control of Myself (6 titles), and I Believe in Myself (6 titles)

“The characters are appealing, realistic, and representative of multiple ethnicities. The stories are relatable to real-life situations that every child has experienced.”

School Specialist, Allen, TX

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Learn About other collections for Social & Emotional Learning