These are specially curated collections from one of the most popular series of readers for grades K–5. Each title has been specifically identified as popular with students and ideal for school classroom libraries (no books are included based on a toy, comic book, TV show, or movie).

  • Appropriate for both in-school and at-home reading
  • Appropriate for both independent reading and for a parent and a child to read together
  • Purchase entire collections or by Guided Reading Level (books range from Level D to R)

Stickered with Guided Reading Level!

Each book in these collections comes stickered on the back cover with the Guided Reading Level, making it easy to choose appropriate books for each student’s reading skill.

Featuring superbly written text, interesting topics for young readers, and DK’s highly-acclaimed photography and visual designs.

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Prices (before discounts) based on $3.99 per book:

DK Readers – Nonfiction Paperback Collection (1 each of 60 titles): $239.40 (Set #: DK-60)
6-Pack DK Readers Paperback Collection (6 each of 60 titles): $1,436.40 (Set #: DK-360)
DK Readers – Levels D, E, F & G (for Gr. K, 1 & 2) (1 each of 15 titles): $59.85 (Set #: DK-DG-15)
DK Readers – Levels H, I, J & K (for Gr. 1, 2 & 3) (1 each of 15 titles): $59.85 (Set #: DK-HK-15)
DK Readers – Levels L, M & N (for Gr. 2, 3 & 4) (1 each of 15 titles): $59.85 (Set #: DK-LN-15)
DK Readers – Levels O, P, Q & R (for Gr. 3, 4 & 5) (1 each of 15 titles): $59.85 (Set #: DK-OR-15)

Not available by individual title