Excite your students about reading with interactive adventures that will engage the entire family! This series has a long history of engaging reluctant readers. Plus, a recent research study has shown these books significantly increase reading interest, comprehension, and fluency.

Each title is interactive, making the reader the hero of the story. There are multiple storyline paths and choices for readers to make throughout the book, and the readers get to choose their paths and how each story turns out. The books are perfect for parents and children to read together, as they laugh and discuss which paths would be the best ones to take. And with many different paths and endings, your students will want to read each book again and again.

We offer a collection of the best books from this series, as well as a Dragonlarks collection for younger readers. The Dragonlarks books are also Choose Your Own Adventure books, but the reading level is lower, and there is full-color art throughout each book.

12 Dragonlark Titles (64 to 96 pages each in full color)
24 Classic Titles (144 pages each in B&W with illustrations)

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Choose Your Own Adventure Collection – Paperback (1 each of 36 titles): $287.84 (Set #: CYOA-36)
6-Pack Choose Your Own Adventure – Paperback (6 each of 36 titles): $1,725.84 (Set #: CYOA-216)
Choose Your Own Adventure – Dragonlarks –GRL L to O (Gr. 2-3) (1 each of 12 titles): $107.88 (Set #: CYOA-DL-12)
Choose Your Own Adventure – Classics –GRL R to T (Gr. 3-5) (1 each of 24 titles): $191.76 (Set #: CYOA-CL-24)
Complete Fiction and Nonfiction Choose Your Own Path Collection (1 each of all 72 titles): $549.84 (Set #: CYP-72)

(includes the 36 Nonfiction – You Choose titles and 36 Fiction – Choose Your Own Adventure titles)

Not available by individual title.