Choose Your Path -Complete Collection – Paperback Set (1 each of 72 titles)



Guided Reading Levels: L to X

Grade Levels: 2 – 8


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Excite your students about reading with fiction and nonfiction interactive “path” books!

Complete Choose Your Own Path Collection – Levels L to X –

Paperback – for Grades 2 – 8. One each of 72 titles:
36 Choose Your Own Adventure (fiction)
36 You Choose (nonfiction history)

Choose Your Own Adventure – Dragonlarks – GRL L to O for Gr. 2 – 3 (1 each of 12 titles)
Choose Your Own Adventure – Classics – GRL R to T for Gr. 3 – 5 (1 each of 24 titles)

You Choose – Nonfiction History – GRL Q to T for Gr. 3-6 (1 each of 18 titles)
You Choose – Nonfiction History – GRL U to X for Gr. 4-8 (1 each of 18 titles)

The Choose Your Own Adventure series has a long history of engaging reluctant readers. In each book, there are many choices for readers to make that take the storyline in different directions and to different endings. The books are perfect for parents and children to read together as they laugh and discuss which paths would be the best ones to take. And with many different paths and endings, your students will want to read each book again and again.

Each You Choose nonfiction title brings to life an era or event in history. The format of the books creates a powerful experience for readers, as they face the challenges and decisions that people encountered at pivotal moments in history. The intense action and difficult choices of what path to take will rivet readers from grades 3 to 8. Even reluctant readers will be caught up in history and learn more than they realize about events that have helped to shape the world we live in today.

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