Decodable Books in a Scaffolded Sequence
for Classroom Use or Family Engagement at Home

Treasure Bay has three unique sets of Pioneer Valley Storybooks, totaling 150 books, which will provide decoding support throughout any school’s course of phonics instruction. The books are very high-quality decodable readers that have been carefully aligned to a rigorous scope and sequence in phonics. Each book provides readers with abundant opportunities to transfer newly acquired phonics skills to an authentic reading context. Every set features books with diverse characters in engaging stories with gorgeous illustrations, as well as some nonfiction books with interesting subjects and beautiful photography.

We have divided the collection into three sequential sets. The On Our Way set focuses on short vowels, initial/final digraphs, and initial blends. The Building Up set focuses on final blends, long vowels, and vowel teams. And the Moving On & Lifting Off set provides practice with vowel-r combinations, complex blends, diphthongs, and common prefixes and suffixes.

All the books in this amazing collection are numbered on the back in sequential order, and each book focuses on practice of a specific phonics skill (e.g. long vowel “ee” or digraph “th”). For a complete scope and sequence chart for these books, which shows the specific phonics focus by title, go to

On Our Way Collection
48 Titles for Gr. K-1
Building Up Collection
48 Titles for Gr. K-2
Moving On & Lifting Off Collection
54 Titles for Gr. 1-3


Pioneer Valley Phonics Storybook Collection (1 each of 150 titles) $898.50 Set #: PVS-150
6-Pack Pioneer Valley Phonics Storybooks (6 each of 150 titles) $5,391.00 Set #: PVS-900
On Our Way – for Gr. K-1 (1 each of 48 titles) $287.52 Set #: PVA-48
Building Up – for Gr. K-2 (1 each of 48 titles) $287.52 Set #: PVB-48
Moving On & Lifting Off – for Gr. 1-3 (1 each of 54 titles) $323.46 Set #: PVC-54

Book Specifications: Saddle-stitched (stapled) paperback; full-color; 6” x 6”; 16 pages