Engaging Families with Reading and Mathematics

(and showing how math can be fun and relevant in our everyday lives)

MathStart is a unique series of educational readers designed for family engagement that integrates reading with mathematics and STEM programs. The series has been a hit with thousands of schools and teachers and has won numerous awards and accolades, including Booklist’s Top-Ten Nonfiction Series for Young Children.

The books are ideal to use as take-home books for parents to read with students, and every book includes fun extension activities for families to do together. When used as part of a family engagement program, parents can read the books aloud or read them together with their children, as well as help discuss the math concepts covered in each book.

Each title offers an engaging and usually humorous story that helps illustrate a specific math concept and show how it has applications in everyday life. Various titles cover graphing, telling time, estimating, comparing, rounding, map reading, and much more. The series, which is broken down into three levels, helps support all of the NCTM Standards for Pre-K through Grade 4.

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MathStart Level 1 – 14 Titles
MathStart Level 2 – 14 Titles
MathStart Level 3 – 14 Titles


MathStart Set – Levels 1, 2, & 3 – (1 each of 42 titles) – Paperback: $377.58 (Set #: MS-42)
6-Pack MathStart Set – Levels 1, 2, & 3 – (6 each of 42 titles): $2,265.48 (Set #: MS-252)
Collections by Level:
   MathStart Level 1 – (GR PK to K – GRL: E to K) – (1 each of 14 titles): $125.86 (Set #: MS-1-14)
   MathStart Level 2 – (GR 1 to 2 – GRL: G to K) – (1 each of 14 titles): $125.86 (Set #: MS-2-14)
   MathStart Level 3 – (GR 2 to 4 – GRL: K to Q) – (1 each of 14 titles): $125.86 (Set #: MS-3-14)

Not available by individual title. If a title is out of stock, we will substitute a title with a similar reading level.

Book Specifications: Paperback; Trim size: 10” x 8”; Each book: 40 pages in full color

“The MathStart series provides numerous opportunities for teaching relevant and engaging mathematics in a way that allows students to make their own mathematical connections. These books are a definite must for your classroom library.”

Charyl Kerns, Hills Elementary Math /Technology Integration Specialist, Keystone Technology Innovator 2015, Goodnoe Elementary School, Council Rock School District

“Appealing book design, precisely targeted information, and polished writing that conveys quantities of information directly, succinctly, and stylishly.”


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