Many of the series published by Treasure Bay are specifically designed to support interaction as parents and children read together. All of the books in these collections are designed to foster interaction and discussion with pre-readers and beginning readers. These collections can be particularly helpful to engage reluctant readers with books and text.

We offer four mini-collections. The PK-K Lift-the-Flap collection focuses on kindergarten readiness and nonfiction subjects that will engage children’s curiosity. The K-2 Lift-the-Flap collection builds on that curiosity and lets families explore even more worlds of nonfiction information. Our Things to Spot books encourage parents and children to engage in finding things on each page. And the You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You collection is perfect for reading together; each title features short humorous stories designed for two readers to take turns reading.

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Complete Family Engagement Interactive Collection – (for Gr. PK-2) (1 each of all 33 titles): $424.70 (Set #: FE-33)
PK-K Lift-the-Flap Collection – (for Gr. PK & K) – Board Book (1 each of 14 titles): $194.86 (Set #: FE-PK-14)
K-2 Lift-the-Flap Collection – (for Gr. K-2) – Board Book (1 each of 8 titles): $119.92 (Set #: FE-K-8)
Things to Spot Collection – (for Gr. K-2) – Paperback & Hardcover (1 each of 7 titles): $64.96 (Set #: FE-TS-7)
You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You – (Level J for Gr. 2) – Paperback (1 each of 4 titles): $44.96 (Set #: YR-PB-4)

Not available by individual title. If a title is out of stock, we will substitute a tile from the same series.

PK-K Lift-the-Flap Collection
(14 Titles; 12-16 pages in color)

First Math
The Sea
What Is Snow?
Why Do We Need Bees?
How Do Animals Talk?
How Do Flowers Grow?
What Makes Rain?
What Are Germs?
Why Should I Brush My Teeth?
How a Plane Works

K-2 Lift-the-Flap Collection
(8 Titles; 14 pages in color)

Construction Sites
Things that Go
How Things Work
Our World
Seas and Oceans

Things to Spot Collection
(7 Titles; 32 pages in color)

Animals to Spot
Bugs to Spot
Things to Spot in the Sea
Things to Spot in Fairyland
Look and Find In the Forest
Look and Find Dinosaurs
Look and Find at the Zoo

You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You
(4 Titles; 32 pages in color)

Very Short Stories to Read Together
Very Short Fables to Read Together
Very Short Mother Goose Tales
to Read Together
Very Short Fairy Tales to Read

Family Engagement with Interactive Fun and Learning!
Over sixty flaps in each book
to open and learn more.
Things to Spot
Over thirty things
to find on each page!
You Read to Me,
I’ll Read to You
Text with color clues
to take turns reading!

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