A Comprehensive Series of Decodable Readers in Sequential Sets
• Ideal for Use in the Classroom and Reading Practice at Home •

This large and superbly written series of phonics readers was created by Dr. Cecilia Minden, the former director of the Language and Literacy Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Phonics is one of the main components in the science of reading, and phonics practice using short books can be very helpful for students. However, most books for beginning readers are not specifically designed with decodable text. These Little Blossom books are not only designed to be decodable (with progressive sight word support), but they all contain real stories with engaging illustrations that students will enjoy reading. The books are also short enough for students to bring home and read multiple times with their parents.

Treasure Bay now provides this series in a sequenced progression from Short Vowel Intro Readers through Ambiguous Vowel Combinations. Every book in these exclusive collections is stickered on the back with a set number and color, making it easy for teachers and students to select books at specific levels of decoding skills. Each sticker also includes short information on the phonics skills the book is designed to support.

We have nine sets of Little Blossom Phonics Readers available with a total of 102 titles. Each 16-page book contains an engaging 12-page story. Each book also includes a page with lists of words used in the book, usually categorized by sight words, words by vowel patterns, and words with blends and digraphs.

Books with engaging decodable stories in sequential groups of progressing phonics skills:


All 9 Sets of Little Blossom Phonics Readers – for Gr. K-2 (1 each of 102 titles) $810.90 Set #: PH-LB-102
6-Pack of All 9 Sets of Little Blossom Readers (6 each of 102 titles) $4,865.40 Set #: PH-LB-6-612
Set 1–Short Vowel Intro Readers (1 each of 12 titles) $95.40 Set #: PH-LB-1-12
Set 2–Short Vowels with Some Consonant Blends (1 each of 12 titles) $95.40 Set #: PH-LB-2-12
Set 3–Short Vowels with Consonant Blends & Digraphs (1 each of 12 titles) $95.40 Set #: PH-LB-3-12
Set 4–Short Vowels with More Blends & Digraphs (1 each of 12 titles) $95.40 Set #: PH-LB-4-12
Set 5–Short Vowels: Putting it All Together (1 each of 12 titles) $95.40 Set #: PH-LB-5-12
Set 6–Long Vowel Intro with Focus on Silent “E” (1 each of 12 titles) $95.40 Set #: PH-LB-6-12
Set 7–Two-Vowel Combinations with Long Vowel Sound (1 each of 12 titles) $95.40 Set #: PH-LB-7-12
Set 8–Focus on R-Controlled Vowels (e.g. -ar, -er, etc.) (1 each of 8 titles) $63.60 Set #: PH-LB-8-8
Set 9–Ambiguous Vowel Combinations (ow, ou, oo, etc.) (1 each of 10 titles) $79.50 Set #: PH-LB-9-10

Book Specifications: Paperback; 16 pages in color; Binding: Saddle-stitched (stapled); Size: 6” x 6.75”

At the end of every book, there is a word list with words
listed in categories appropriate to the title and reading level:

Example from a Level 4 book

Example from a Level 9 book

At the end of each book there is also
a full recap of the text and word count:

Example from a Level 6 book

Set 1Focuses on simple (CVC) words with short vowels (a, e, i, o, u)

Set 2Focuses on short vowels and some consonant blends

Set 3Focuses on short vowels with consonant blends and digraphs

Set 4Focuses on short vowel practice with more blends and digraphs

Set 5Short vowels with consonant blends and digraphs — practicing it all together

Set 6Focuses on long vowel words with a silent “e”

Set 7Focuses on two-vowel combinations with long vowel sound (e.g. team and hail)

Set 8Focuses on words with r-controlled vowels (e.g. Bert, park, and care)

Set 9Focuses on ambiguous vowel combinations: oo, aw, ow, ou, ea, au (e.g. book and cool)

To see samples of books in this series, you can go to: TreasureBayBooks.com/sample-blossom