6-Pack BOLT – High-Low Nonfiction (6 each of 48 titles)

Six-Pack – 6 Sets of 48 High-Low Nonfiction Titles

Guided Reading Levels: L-O

Grade Level: 3-6

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BOLT – High-Low Nonfiction Series

Designed for Grades 3 to 6 — with Text at 2nd to 3rd Grade Reading Levels

This high-interest nonfiction series has carefully leveled text designed to meet the needs of struggling readers who are reading below grade level. The titles and covers will immediately grab their interest, and the text and visuals will keep them engaged. Plenty of info-graphics present information in many different ways, helping to increase comprehension and sustain interest. This well-researched and well-written series is a must-have to get your reluctant and struggling readers reading at home and at school.

Price (before discount): $3453.12