6-Pack – Katie Woo Collection (6 each of 32 Titles)

Paperback (192 books total) 6 each of 32 titles


Guided Reading Level: H – J

Grade Level: K – 2

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6-Pack of the Katie Woo Collection: includes 192 (6 each of 32) paperback titles in the Katie Woo series.


Katie Woo Books

Looking for short and easy-to-read chapter books that students really love? The Katie Woo series is perfect for students who want to start reading chapter books, but who are still reading at guided reading levels H to J. With these books students can be successful and feel empowered that they are reading a real chapter book!
Even many students reading at kindergarten levels will find success with these books, particularly if they read the books with their parents. In the series, Katie Woo, a spunky and sassy schoolgirl, faces the challenges and excitement of growing up with lots of wit and humor. These funny books will entrance your young readers, who will want to read the entire series!

Titles in Collection:

Katie Woo Has the Flu
Boss of the World
Katie Woo, Super Scout
Nervous Night
Red, White, and Blue and Katie Woo!
Cartwheel Katie
Moving Day
Big Lie
Katie Woo, Where Are You?
No More Teasing
Katie and the Fancy Substitute
Cowgirl Katie
Piggy Bank Problems
Katie’s Noisy Music
Katie Saves the Earth
Tricky Tooth
Katie’s New Shoes
Keep Dancing, Katie
Fly High, Katie
Best Club
Moo, Katie Woo!
Who Needs Glasses?
Goodbye to Goldie
Boo, Katie Woo!
Katie’s Spooky Sleepover
Katie Finds a Job
Katie’s Lucky Birthday
Katie and the Class Pet
Daddy Can’t Dance
Katie Saves Thanksgiving
Star of the Show
Katie and the Haunted Museum

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