6-Pack – You Choose – Nonfiction History Collection (216 Titles)



Guided Reading Levels: Q-X

Grade Levels: 3 – 8

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Six-Pack of You Choose Nonfiction History Collection (Includes 6 each of 36 titles – 216 total)

Interactive Adventures that Bring History to Life!

Students can jump right in to real history with each of these well-researched books. Each title brings to life an era or event in history. At the beginning of each book, readers choose one of three people who participated in that part of history. As that person, readers choose what to do and where to go throughout the book. The You Choose format creates a powerful experiences for readers, as they face the challenges and decisions that people encountered at pivotal moments in history.
There are many paths and endings in each book. Choices that readers make often determine whether the person they have chosen will succeed or fail, live or die. The intense action will rivet readers from grades 3 to 8. Even reluctant readers will be caught up in history and learn more than they realize about events that have helped to shape the world we live in today. Along the way, students will also learn how the choices people make can affect the lives of so many others. 

Titles in Collection:

Levels Q to T:

Race to the Moon
Sinking of the Lusitania

Vietnam War

The Berlin Wall

Child Labor Reform Movement

Ellis Island

Korean War

Ancient Egypt

Aztec Empire

World War II Infantrymen

Boston Massacre

California Gold Rush

Dust Bowl


Underground Railroad

World War II Pilots

World War II Spies

Ancient China

Levels U to X:

Colonial America

Exploring the New World

Great Depression

Orphan Trains

Salem Witch Trials

World War I

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Civil War

World War II Naval Forces

World War II

Civil Rights Movement

Middle Ages

Revolutionary War

Westward Expansion

Spies of the American Revolution

Battle of the Revolutionary War

Battle of the Alamo

Spies of the Civil War

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