Blastoff! Hi-Lo Nonfiction – Levels E-J (1 each of 24 titles)



Guided Reading Level: E – J

Grade Level: K – 3


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Blastoff! Hi-Lo Collection – Levels E – J – One each of 24 Titles

Ideal for beginning and struggling readers!

The Blastoff! Hi-Lo Readers are carefully leveled nonfiction books designed to guide beginning and struggling readers through each stage of their journey toward fluency. Bold graphic designs help grab and hold interest, and each progressive reading level in the series helps to build new literacy skills.
We have two collections of Blastoff! Nonfiction Readers: one at Guided Reading Levels E-J for grades K to 3; and one at Guided Reading Levels K-P for grades 2 to 5. While the books are designed primarily for beginning readers, the length, content, and subject matter also make them ideal as Hi-Lo books for struggling readers through 5th grade.

*Bold graphic designs and compelling text will hold readers’
interest and help comprehension

   *This GRL E-J collection is for grades K-3.

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