A Day on the International Space Station-Un dia en la estacion espacial internacional (Spanish/English)

Series: We Both Read Bilingual
Guided Reading Level: L
Grade Level: 2
By Larry Swerdlove
These Spanish/English Bilingual Editions feature the same “paired reading” format as the English Editions, but the text is in both English and Spanish on each page. This makes these books perfect for students to read at home with parents who read Spanish but little or no English.
In this book, readers will learn all about living on the International Space Station. What do astronauts do all day? What is it like to always be floating, even when you are sleeping or trying to exercise? How do astronauts eat, and can they take a bath? What is it like wearing a 300 pound space suit? How was the space station built, and how do you train to become an astronaut and go into space?

Price (before discount): $5.99