Hi-Lo Levels L-M Collection

1 each of 12 titles

Guided Reading Levels: L-M

Grade Levels: 4-7



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This set of nonfiction Hi-Lo books is perfect for your reluctant and struggling readers, who are in 4th through 8th grade, but who are reading significantly below grade level. The high-interest subjects are perfect for upper-elementary students —and the photographs, illustrations, graphics, and text are all designed to grab and sustain the interest of even the most  reluctant reader.

The text in each book is riveting, but it is also carefully crafted to be at a specific 2nd to 3rd grade guided reading level.

Titles feature glossaries, TOC, indexes, timelines, sidebars, and references to additional resources to learn more about the subject. Guided reading levels are included on the back covers.

The Hi-Lo Levels L-M Collection includes one each of the following 12 titles (each title is 48 pages in color).

Olympic Heroes and Zeros
Ellis Island
Expedition to the Arctic
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The Great Depression
Trail of Tears

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