Jason and Bobo

Series: We Both Read



Narrative Nonfiction

Guided Reading Level: AA

Grade Level: PK-K


By Sindy McKay


This is a highly interactive book, which is read aloud by a parent with active participation by a pre-reader, who helps answer questions throughout the book. 

In the story, Jason needs a little help as he makes his way through a delightful day. Parents can look at the pictures with their children and discuss possible answers that would help Jason. Discussing and answering these questions is not only fun, it will also help children develop thinking and reasoning skills. The types of questions are similar to the popular Brain Quest cards, but the questions are woven through a fun narrative of Jason’s day.


We Both Read Level: PK-K

Guided Reading Level: AA

Published by Treasure Bay, Inc.


Price (before discount): $5.99