We Both Read PDF E-Books-12 Titles (School-to-Home License)


Guided Reading Level: A – Q

Grade Level: K – 2


School-to-Home Connection License

Four CD-ROMs – 12 Titles


We Both Read – E-Book PDF Editions – Complete Set (12 titles on four CD-ROMs)

With School-to-Home Connection License


We Both Read Books are now available as PDF E-Book Editions on CD-ROM. Each CD-ROM contains PDFs for three complete books. There are four CD-ROMs with a total of twelve titles from the We Both Read series in PDF format. The twelve titles represent some of our most popular books and include a mix of both fiction and nonfiction. These PDF e-books are in full color and are designed to look like the printed books; they are not interactive and do not have audio.


The School-to-Home Connection License includes the right to transfer the e-books onto an unlimited number of computers at one school. Plus, unlimited online access to download the e-books by teachers to use in that school and by parents to use with students at home.


Windows and Mac Compatible


Price (before discount): $239.60