The Time of the Pharaohs

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Series: Half & Half



Guided Reading Level: M, N

Grade Level: 2 – 3

by Alain Surget

Illustrated by Philippe de Kemmeter

STORY: Meri's Daring Adventure

Meri wants to go with her father to see the building of the pyramids. Her father leaves without her,saying the construction site is no place for a young girl. Then, she notices something important he left behind. Facing dangers she did not expect, she sets out to find her father — and also see the creation of one of the greatest wonders of the world.

FACTS: Ancient Egypt

Readers will get a glimpse at how people lived long ago in this ancient land. They'll learn about the strange language of the hieroglyphs and the many gods of ancient Egypt. The non-fiction also includes cool facts about the pyramids and mummies of the great pharaohs.

Half & Half Level: 2 (Grade 2-4); Guided Reading Level: M (Fiction); N (Non-Fiction)

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94 in stock