The Three Little Pigs-Los Tres Cerditos (Spanish/English Bilingual)

Series: We Both Read Bilingual (Spanish/English)
Guided Reading Level: D
Grade Level: 1

By Dev Ross

These Spanish/English Bilingual Editions feature the same “paired reading” format as the English Editions, but the text is in both English and Spanish on each page. This makes these books perfect for students to read at home with parents who read Spanish but little or no English.

A very humorous updating of the classic story! The first little Pig is very lazy and only wants to watch TV. The second little Pig only wants to eat. Their hastily built houses of straw and sticks are no match for the big bad Wolf. It’s only the third little Pig who finally foils the Wolf with hard work and ingenuity.

Price (before discount): $5.99