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Thanks for visiting Treasure Bay’s website!

Thank you for your visit! If you received a promotional code in the mail, you may enter it during the Checkout process.
Treasure Bay is the leading source of take-home books to support family engagement with beginning and struggling readers. Research has consistently shown that ongoing parent engagement results in significant gains in students’ reading achievement, and over 10,000 schools and 4,000 Title I programs rely on Treasure Bay for the best research-based resources to engage parents and students in reading together.
If you already know what you would like to order, the fastest and easiest way to put together an order is with our Quick Order Form. It lists every item we have available, so you can simply fill in the quantities you would like to order. The form will calculate all your costs and, if you have a promo code, you can enter it to see your discounted cost. You can then print the form and attach it to your P.O. or click to add your selections to your shopping cart.
To learn about the series and collections we have available, please visit our Series & Collections page. On this page, there are a number of ways to view collections, including by areas of educational interest or need, such as for Struggling & Reluctant Readers or for Social & Emotional Learning. Another way to find collections that meet specific needs is to click on the Shop button and make selections using the many filter options at the bottom left of the screen.
Most schools use our books for parent involvement in reading at home, but our resources can be used with the same effectiveness by reading tutors and reading buddies in the classroom. We have resources for students from Pre-K through 8th grade and many of the series we offer are also ideal to help transition students to independent reading. We even have bilingual collections in English/Spanish, as well as other languages, available to help meet the needs of ELL students and their parents.
Our focus is on providing research-based book series and resources that make it easy for parents to get involved and be successful in helping their children. The results include significantly more parent involvement and improved reading scores, as well as students who are more excited about reading and engaged in learning. We are so confident in the results of using our collections, that we provide a full-year satisfaction guarantee on all purchases.
If you are ordering on this site for a school or district, you may choose to pay by credit card or choose to be invoiced for your order. If you are completing a PO offline, you may want to print a copy of your shopping cart or print a blank Order Form. We can also provide quotes and sole-source letters upon request.
If you have any questions, please e-mail us via the Contact Us link at the top of the site or call us at 1-800-476-6416.
Click here to begin shopping.