6-Pack of We Both Read Set (6 each of 78 titles) – Paperback


Fiction & Nonfiction

Guided Reading Level: AA – Q

Grade Level: PK – 3

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6-Pack – 6 complete sets of the We Both Read series (450 titles) in paperback


Includes six each of all 78 titles in the We Both Read series (Reader-Size Paperback edition). Includes all levels and both fiction and nonfiction titles.


The We Both Read books are so highly effective because they engage both children and parents in reading—and make it easy for them to be successful. The concept of the series is simple: each book is specially formatted for a parent and child to take turns reading alternate pages aloud. The parent’s pages feature higher-level text (at about a 5th-grade reading level), while the child’s pages feature text that matches the child’s reading level. Developed with reading specialists, this delightful series brings parents and children together for a wonderful new reading experience and faster reading development!

  • Used by over 10,000 schools and in over 4,000 Title I programs
  • Research-based & developed with reading education specialists
  • Particularly effective for reluctant and struggling readers
  • Significantly improves reading scores
  • Dramatically increases family engagement in reading
  • 6 each of 78 titles in fiction and nonfiction for grades Pre-K through 4
  • Helps meet numerous Common Core standards, including fluency requirements

Price (before discount): $2,803.32