Boxed Set of Early Rising Readers-Grades PK-K (6 sets of 12 titles each)



Guided Reading Level: A

Grade Levels: PK-K

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Set of Early Rising Readers for Level A in Paperback. (6 sturdy boxes, each with the same 12 titles – 72 books total)

This boxed set is perfect to send home with students in Grades Pre-K to K to promote reading readiness. Each boxed set contains 12 different short books designed for parents to read with their children. Each box of 12 titles also contains an 8-page pamphlet with information
for parents. These nonfiction books are specifically designed to support pre-readers and early emergent readers.

Early Rising Readers are correlated to the Head Start framework and feature text with strong picture support and controlled, repeated vocabulary

Price (before discount): $96.75

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