DK Readers – Levels O, P, Q & R (1 each of 15 titles)



Guided Reading Level: P – R

Grade Level: 3 – 5

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DK READERS Nonfiction Paperback Set of 15 Titles for Levels O, P, Q, & R (Grades 3, 4, & 5)

This is a specially curated collection of one of the most popular series of nonfiction readers. Each title has been specifically identified as popular with students and ideal for classroom libraries (none of the books are based on a toy, comic book, TV show, or movie).

Treasure Bay Exclusive: Each book in this collection is stickered on the back cover with the Guided Reading Level, making it easy to choose books for the reading skill of each student.

* Appropriate for both in-school and at-home reading
* Appropriate for both independent reading and for a parent and a child to read together
* This particular set includes 15 titles from Guided Reading Levels O through R.
* Other DK Reader sets are available at various ranges of reading levels.
* If a title is out-of-stock, we will substitute another title from this series at the same reading level.

15 Titles for Levels O, P, Q, & R

Horse Heroes: True Stories of Amazing Horses
Days of the Knights
Snow Dogs! Races of the North
Extreme Machines
Atlantis: The Lost City?
First Flight: The Story of the Wright Brothers
Pirates! Raiders of the High Seas
Danger on the Mountain: Scaling the World’s Highest Peaks
Volcanoes and Other Natural Disasters
Secrets of the Mummies
The Story of Muhammad Ali
Thomas Edison
Flying Ace: The Story of Amelia Earhart
Free at Last: the Story of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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