Let’s Build It! (Spanish/English Bilingual)-Vamos a construirlo!

Series: We Both Read Bilingual-Spanish/English
Guided Reading Level: F
Grade Level: 1

By Larry Swerdlove

These Spanish/English Bilingual Editions feature the same “paired reading” format as the English Editions, but the text is in both English and Spanish on each page. This makes these books perfect for students to read at home with parents who read Spanish but little or no English.

Most children like to build things, and this book gives them a realistic glimpse into construction projects, from houses and skyscrapers to bridges and stadiums. Along the way, readers will learn about some of the planning and materials that go into building, as well as the jobs and equipment involved in construction. Beautiful photos are complemented by informative captions, and the book also includes a table


Price (before discount): $4.99