Level 1 – We Both Read (1 each of 18 titles) – Paperback


Fiction & Nonfiction

Guided Reading Level: D – F

Grade Level: 1

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A Set of We Both Read books – Level 1 in Paperback. One each of 18 titles.


We Both Read is the #1 series for parent involvement and buddy reading. It is the perfect series for at-home reading. Featuring a buddy reading format, the books have alternating pages for parents to read aloud (written at a higher reading level) and pages for children to read aloud (written at one of six levels for Grades K-4). The series is also perfect for buddy reading with tutors or older children.

  • Used by over 10,000 schools and in over 4,000 Title I programs
  • Research-based & developed with reading education specialists
  • Particularly effective for at-risk and struggling readers
  • Numerous awards, including two Teachers Choice Awards
Titles in PB-1-18 set:
Let’s Build It! (Nonfiction)
The Mouse in My House
Just Five More Minutes!
The New Red Bed
Fox’s Best Trick Ever
Zoo Day (Nonfiction)
The Well-Mannered Monster
The Big Tan Van
Sparky and Posh
Thing and Stop-It (Graphic Novel)
When I Grow Up (Nonfiction)
The Four Seasons (Nonfiction)
About Pets (Nonfiction)
Habitats of the World (Nonfiction)
Kecko the Gecko
The Emperor’s New Clothes
Amazing Eggs (Nonfiction)
Animals Below Ground (Nonfiction)

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