Who Was…? What Was? Where Is? – Levels S to U – Paperback Set (32 titles)



Guided Reading Levels: S to U

Grade Levels: 4 – 6


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Who Was…? What Was…? Where Is…? – Levels S to U – Paperback Set for Grades 4 – 6. One each of 32 titles.

The Who Was. . .? series will excite your students about history through fascinating biographies of important historical figures from many fields, including science, sports, government, literature, and civil rights. Each book provides some historical perspective about the era, as it relates the story of the person’s life and how he or she overcame adversity to accomplish something of enduring significance.

The Who Was. . .? books in this collection are complemented with books from two companion series, Where Is. . .? and What Was. . .?, which detail famous landmarks and key events in history. Each book in this collection features 112 pages with black-and-white illustrations on almost every spread. Our exclusive collection has been curated to include the most popular figures and topics, as well as a diversity of ethnicities and backgrounds.

Stickered with Guided Reading Level!
Each book comes stickered on the back with the
Guided Reading Level, making it easy to select
appropriate books for each student’s reading skill.

32 Titles for Levels S to U:

Who Was Albert Einstein
Who Was George Washington
Who Was Neil Armstrong
Who Was Dr. Seuss
What Was the Age of the Dinos
What Was D-Day?
What Was the Great Depression?
What Was Pearl Harbor?
What Was Ellis Island?
Who Was Marie Curie?
What Was the Battle of Gettysburg?
Who Was Ghandi?
Where Is Alcatraz?
Where Are the Great Pyramids?
Who Was Susan B. Anthony?
What Is the Declaration of Independence?
Who Is J.K. Rowling?
What Were the Twin Towers?
Where Is the Great Barrier Reef?
Who Were the Wright Brothers?
What Is the Statue of Liberty?
Who Was Mother Teresa?
Who Was Nelson Mandela?
Who Is George Lucas?
What Was the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
Who Was Bruce Lee?
Who Was Theodore Roosevelt?
Who Was Princess Diana?
Where Is the Amazon?
Who Was George Washington Carver?
Who Was Blackbeard?
Who Was Clara Barton?

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