Social & Emotional Learning Collections (1 each of 54 titles)

Set of 54 titles – 5 different collections / 54 Titles / Fiction & Nonfiction

Guided Reading Level: H-T

Grade Level: PK – 7

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Social and Emotional Collections (1 each of 54 titles / 5 different collections)

Get families engaged in reading books together that help support the development of social and emotional skills! Our collection includes five series of books (bilingual SEL series not included), all written with the advice of SEL experts. All of these series are ideal for family engagement at home or for use in the classroom. However, a parent or teacher will usually need to take the lead in reading books with students in grades PK and K.


Includes the following collections:

Best Behavior (5 titles)

Learning to Get Along (12 titles)

My Social and Emotional Readers (24 titles)

Laugh & Learn (10 titles)

The Weird Series (on Bullying) (3 titles)

Price (before discount): $413.45