Swimming with Dolphins

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Series: Half & Half


Fiction & Nonfiction

Guided Reading Level: K, L

Grade Level: 1 – 2

By Laurence Gillot & Elisabeth Sebaoun

Illustrated by Rocco & Gaetan Doremus

STORY: S.O.S. Dolphin

Pablo and his dad are having fun swimming in the ocean. Suddenly, they are almost attacked by a dolphin! Then, they realize the dolphin is asking for help. It wants them to help rescue a baby dolphin! Pablo wants to help, but suddenly he can't find his dad.

FACTS: About Dolphins

In the second half of the book, students will learn interesting information about these intelligent creatures of the ocean. They will learn the difference between fish and marine mammals, how dolphins communicate, their social behavior and much more.

Half & Half Level: 1 (Grade 1-3); Guided Reading Level: K (Fiction); L (Non-Fiction)

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98 in stock