6-Pack of MySELF Boxed Set: Self-Awareness and Social Skills (6 identical boxes, each with 12 titles)


Social & Emotional Learning

Grade Levels: PK – 1

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6 Boxed Sets: Self-Control and Self-Esteem Set


These boxed sets are perfect to send home with students in Gr. PK-1 to promote reading readiness, as well as support social
and emotional learning. Each boxed set contains 12 different short books designed for parents to read with their children.
There are three boxed sets of MySELF books available, all appropriate for grades Pre-K to 1. Each set has a different focus for social and emotional learning.

This boxed set emphasizes Self Control & Self Esteem,  but there are two other sets: Self-Awareness & Social Skills, and Feelings & Cooperation. Each box also contains an 8-page pamphlet with information for parents and follow-up activities.


* Appropriate for use with grades Pre-K to 1


* 100% Common Core Aligned


Price (before discount): $96.75